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WorkCover and TAC claim services

Is your injury related to an accident at work or on the road? If your treatment is being managed as part of a WorkSafe or TAC (Transport Accident Commission) claim we can help. 

As your treating physio we can accompany you from initial injury and claim, to accessing health services and communicating with your employer about going back to work.

Getting the right treatment

We can talk to your GP about your treatment plan. Your GP is the gatekeeper to how your claim works and what services you can access. As your physio we can play an important part in suggesting, asking for approval and organising different services and options to help with your rehab and recovery.

We may recommend and refer you for more imaging (x-rays, scans etc) to find out more about your injury and help us plot the steps to your recovery. If we think other health professionals could play an important part in getting you back to work and life, we can recommend and refer you to specialists and allied health experts to join your multi-disciplinary health team.

Managing your rehab

If you are facing surgery as part of your recovery, we can coordinate with surgeon’s postoperative orders to manage your rehabilitation.

Your rehabilitation can take many forms. It may include hands-on treatment to restore range of motion, exercise to get strength back, pain management, using aids or equipment. We can put together the right combination of these options to help you to recover while you gradually start doing things again. 

We can get approval for, prescribe and organise aids or supports (such as custom orthotics, or ergonomic aids for work). We can organise approvals for gym and pool memberships as part of your rehab program. We can recommend and refer you to pain management programs or specialist services. And we can help you to work out your other entitlements such as home help or transport services.

Getting you back to work

When we all agree you are ready to return to work we will contact your employer and TAC/insurer to talk about how this might work. No need to return to your GP; as your treating physio we can write certificates, recommend any limits to your workload and suggest appropriate modified duties. 

We can liaise with your employer to negotiate duties that are appropriate to you at this stage of your recovery when you return to work. As you continue to recover we will update your workplace with new information about your duties.

Writing certificates if and when you need them

Certificates are an important part of meeting the requirements of your WorkSafe or TAC claim. As your physio we understand your physical progress best, as we continuously reassess the injury and adapt your rehab program. 

WorkSafe requires certificates of capacity if you are off work or on modified duties. You need to be ‘continuously certified’ to qualify for income payments if you are off work or working reduced hours. We can write the certificates you need.

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