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Orthotics - measure, design and fit

Ready- & custom-made

Orthotics are special shoe inserts. They are used to manage foot and ankle pain or recurring sports injuries. They also relieve pressure that can cause corns, callus or diabetic ulcers. 


There are 2 types of orthotics – off-the-shelf or custom-made orthotics.


We offer a full orthotic service:

  • recommending them to help your foot problems

  • discussing custom or off-the-shelf options

  • scanning your feet

  • writing up your individual orthotics prescription

  • fitting your custom-made orthotics

  • replacing your old ones

  • modifying or recovering your existing orthotics


Talk to us about cost, performance and durability of the different orthotic options. And don’t forget to bring in your shoes.

Custom orthotics - what to expect

Custom-made orthotics are made individually for you. We use a 3D printing service to produce orthotics that are built for your comfort – strong and durable, light and flexible and not bulky in your shoe.

To create your orthotics you will come to us for 2 appointments. At the first appointment we assess your pain or issues and how an orthotic will best support you. We take a 3D scan of your feet and send those details and your prescription off to a laboratory in Melbourne where the orthotics are produced. 

At your second appointment we fit your new orthotics to your shoes (about 1-2 weeks later) and make any modifications on the spot to make sure they are comfortable.

Most people find their orthotics a good fit – we will check in with you by phone or during a brief appointment. If you find that your orthotics are not quite right you can arrange follow up appointments with us until you are comfortable – at no extra cost to you.

Fees for custom orthotics

Most custom orthotics cost a total of $550. This includes all appointment fees. You pay the first part of this cost at appointment 1 – when we scan your feet. The balance is due at appointment 2 – when your custom orthotics are fitted. The amount due at each appointment can depend on your private health insurance (if you have orthotic coverage). 

If you have questions or concerns about billing, talk to us.

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