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Sports injuries of the feet and ankles

We manage injuries of the foot, ankle and lower leg. You don’t have to be an athlete to get a sports injury. Lower limb injuries can result from overtraining or poor technique, worn or inappropriate shoes, muscle weakness or tightness, or even your foot type.


The most common injuries we see include:


  • arch or forefoot pain 

  • plantar fasciitis causing heel pain

  • blisters

  • ankle sprains

  • stress fractures

  • muscle strains

  • tendon pain (achilles tendinopathy) 

  • hip and knee pain

A podiatrist crouching down to assess someone's gait as they walk on a treadmill.

Diagnosing and treating sports injuries

We use state-of-the-art video gait analysis equipment to diagnose and treat overload injuries and biomechanical issues. 


Sometimes we can manage or prevent injuries by supporting the foot and ankle with appropriate shoes, taping or padding, and in some cases orthotics


Our podiatrists have an encyclopaedic knowledge of shoes and can help you to choose footwear options that suit your budget (and style). 

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