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Surgeries for ingrown toenails 

Sometimes a good option for managing an ingrown toenail that is severe or won’t go away is by doing a nail surgery.


Our expert podiatrists are equipped to do nail surgeries in our clinic. 


We will discuss the procedure with you, make sure you understand your options and get your consent, then book a special longer appointment to do the nail surgery.

Surgical procedure – what to expect

The nail surgery involves injecting a local anaesthetic into the toe. Then we cut away a small part of the nail, removing the section of the nail that is causing the problem.


You should wear open-toed shoes to your nail surgery appointment. You will feel some discomfort afterwards but you should be able to walk normally. Often this is an improvement on how you felt with an ingrown toenail before the nail surgery. 

Recovery – looking after your toe 

Your podiatrist will talk to you about keeping your toe dressing dry, and any activities you should avoid while your toe heals. We will show you how to look after your toe and the dressing and arrange to see you again a few days after the nail surgery to check on your progress.

A podiatrist talking to someone, while holding a skeleton model of a foot.
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