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Surgery preparation and rehabilitation

As your treating physio we can help to confirm if surgery is the best option for you. We can write referrals for imaging, request the opinions of other specialists, and coordinate your ‘post-op’ rehab.

Understanding when surgery is an option

We can advise whether you may need surgery or recommend that you get a surgical opinion. We will help you navigate the health system and get the information you need about procedures, specialists, recovery times and what to expect.

Preparing for surgery

If you are going in for surgery soon or have just had surgery, a physio can:

  • explain what the surgical procedure entails

  • help to set your expectations for recovery

  • suggest questions to ask of your surgeon. 

Managing your recovery

A lot of surgeries require a period of rest and immobilisation. There are, however, usually still things you can do during this phase of your recovery. Your physio can advise you about managing your pain, continuing other exercise or work safely, or how long you might need off work or other duties.

Sometimes your surgeon may set restrictions on rehab according to your procedure. With or without this information, your physio can manage your rehab based on everything they know about healing times and rehab protocols, and by assessing your ability to control certain movements.


If you are aiming to get back to sport or work or a particular activity, your physio can help you to modify training or work. We shape your rehab program specific to what you’re trying to get back to, to help you reach your goals faster.

A physiotherapist treating a patient's hip.
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