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Care plans and accessing our services

Care plans help people who have chronic disease or an ongoing condition access health services by subsidising out-of-pocket costs.

How do care plans work?

Your GP decides if you are eligible for a care plan, and which types of health service you can receive rebates for and how many times. Depending on the length of appointments you access and your concession status, we set the fees and whether or not you may be bulk-billed (no fee).


The care plan means you can access up to a total of 5 rebates per calendar year. You can access more than one allied health services on a care plan – you may or may not use all 5 rebates with the same service.

You need to ensure that you keep you care plan valid by having it reviewed by your GP at 12 months. A new referral doesn't allow you to access "extra" rebates, you can still only access 5 per calendar year. At the start of a new calendar year you are not required to review your care plan immediately, if the referral is within 12 months you will be able to access 5 rebates for the new calendar year, but make sure to get your care plan reviewed before it expires.

Fees for care plan holders

Medicare has rules about paying for care plan appointments. We will ask you to pay for our service at the end of your appointment. We then claim the rebate for you. Medicare pays into your linked bank account on next working day. This means you have paid for the difference. 

Fees and rebates for concession card holders

If you have a concession, we bulk-bill your 20 minute appointments. Longer appointments can’t be bulk-billed. We usually book 45 minute appointments for your first visit and 30 minute appointments for follow up visits. If you choose to have a longer appointment for a first or follow up visit, you pay the full fee on the day and we claim the rebate for you which Medicare pay to your bank account the next day. If you would like to be bulk-billed you can request 20 minute appointments. Speak to your practitioner and reception about what appointment length will suit your care.

Fees for care plan holders

*Note: Bulk-billing means we charge the rebate only to Medicare – you don’t pay anything.

Medicare rebate (1 July 2023) = $58. If you have reached your Medicare Safety Net you may receive a higher rebate.

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